1)I'm think about getting a guitar with a Floyd Rose system, and I was wondering would I have to adjust the action every time I choose to drop tunings.
2)Also how do I adjust the action on a FR?

Thanks in advance
Look at the Floyd Rose thread sticky...
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You wouldn't have to adjust the action, but you'd have to adjust the spring tension, and if you're picky, your intonation as well. FR guitars are in no way shape or form ideal for changing tuning at all, even if it is just dropping down one string a step. They work best when they're kept in a single tuning.

However if you have the patience to balance your trem and reset intonation every time you change tunings, then all power to you.
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just buy the morpheus droptune pedal. its like 170 dollars, buts see it as an investment. its really helpfull. definitaly with a FR
if you wanna be lazy and put in a certain tuning only for a few hours block the trem.

im lazy so i lift my floyd and place my wallet underneath the main plate not in the back of the guitar. and i tune as i wish. whether its B flat standard of Drop G. (Its a 7)
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