Ok so I'm buying a 7 string, a Schecter Hellraiser C7 to be exact. I'm torn between 2 options. I really like the white, but a close second is the black. I can buy a white one new for no more than 725, oooorrr I can buy a used black for 550 w/ a case. Here's my issue, I need to know if there's much of a difference between the regular old 81-7/707 and these new TW's that are coil tapped. (the new hellraiser's have are coil tapped and this used one is an older model) I've heard bad things about the TW's and I have no use for coil tapping at all, I play modern death metal in Drop G#, coil tapping is worthless to me.

My question isn't which one should I buy but more related to the pickups. I can decide for myself if the whole new/used thing is worth it. I just need to know if there's a substantial difference in these TW's b/c I like the regulars a lot so I don't want to sacrifice much tone, if any.

Thanks guys
I have the coil taps, and while I dont find much use for them on distorted channels, but I play a ton of clean stuff too and that is where they really stand out. However if you really play death metal only then I'd say go for the black one; I couldnt find a use for coil tapping when distorted.
ok I guess I'll clarify my question a bit. I really like the white one and I prefer a new guitar to used. Coil tap ability isn't a problem at all, actually I welcome the added feature but not at the expense of the distorted tone. So is the distorted tone of the TW's lacking to the regular 81-7/707's?
Nah in no way is it lacking in tone, its identical. Its just that unless you play a lot of clean too, I doubt you'd want to tap it, as it doesnt have much of an effect, and it sounds best distorted on humbucking mode anyway.

Its merely an extra feature, but if you're unlikely to use it, then why not go for the cheaper one?
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well I think the guy selling it made my decision for me by dropping the price to 500 so looks like black it is