so i was looking at stack amps to get (valve) and couldnt find any reasonably high wattage (anything more than 50w) for a good "affordable" price. so i started checking out 100w combos and stumbled across the vox vt100 and thought it look petty good especially as it was the same price as the vox nightrain head! so i put that on my list of amps to get and i have to say, its pretty high up in the list! so heres my question:
can a plug the vt100 into my 30w kustom double barrel without the voxs speaker being silenced?
What type of music do you play?

The Vox VTs are hybrid amps, not tube amps. I don't really think they are worth the price.

Running the Vox VT from headphone output into the the input of the Double Barrel will silence the Vox's speakers (and sound like crap).
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