Alright, so for anyone who sings, I was wondering, do you hate the sound of your own voice? Whenever I record myself singing I think I sound like crap/ Despite the fact everyone who hears me sing says otherwise. I know I'm hitting the notes, and it sounds solid, but the voice itself. It's kind of hard to accurately describe, but I iamgine anyone else who feels this way knows what i mean.
I hate my voice, not that I hear it too often. I guess key is to record yourself sing, and listen to it over and over again to get used to it
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You hear your own voice differently to other people, something to do with the vibrations in your head *shrugs*. I hate mine, but it's just a case of getting used to how it sounds from another person's perspective
That's how I felt about my voice at first, eventually I got used to it and I don't think it's great but I can tolerate it now.
That's the thing, I record myself with guitar and everything. I guess I'm just not used to it. :\
no i don't like my voice, although people tell me i do really good power metal vocals
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If I sing something that suits my voice I like it a lot. Any other time I don't.

I don't like hearing myself speak on a recording. I really hate that!
Well, for me, I'm always comparing myself to other singers, so whenever I hit a note, it doesn't sound the same as the original singers voice (dynamics and such), and that sort of bums me out. Recording yourself is a great way to improve, but it can be depressing and difficult.
hearing yourself recorded for the first time is pretty confronting

i've come to like my voice better as i've improved.. also, realising how much of the sounds on my favourite recordings comes from reverb, compression and double tracking was a big help
I hate my voice. When I try to sing it sounds like I'm whispering.

Learning how to sing on your own sucks :|