Before you say use the FAQ i did, and i will do for my further questions, i just need abit of help on this which wasnt fully covered in the FAQ...

Being that im abit of a noob when it comes to EQing and ive just been given my dads old Hartke HA2000 head i could do with a bit of help...
I have on it 30Hz, 64Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 3KHz, 5KHz, KHz
What on here would be my Lows, Lo-mids, Hi-mids, and Highs? I can EQ to a point but I think im just gunna go for the old, 'Stick a lable under the dial so i know what im doing'

My old amp was a combo so im not used to the whole Hz and KHz side of things....
far left is the lows and far right is the high the rest is preference
id proabbly seperate it
first 3 low, next two low mids,next 2 high mids,last 3 high
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30 is your lowest, 5 is our highest. I'm not sure exactly which one would be your low mid is but it's probably like 125 Hz.
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Lows end and low mids begin somewhere between your 125 and 250Hz.

Low mids end and high mids begin somewhere between your 500Hz and 1KHz.

High mids end and high begins somewhere bnetween your 1KHz and your 2KHZ.

Use that as a general rule to get used to what the different frequencies mean.

My amp also has a similar graphic EQ (11 band on mine). Your best bet is to keep it subtle. As a general rule never boost or cut more than 4-5 dB in either direction.

Also, you'll probably get a better sound if you don't move all the frequencies considered low to one number, and all the ones considered low mid to another (etc) but rather go for a gradual curve sort of thing.
if you check out an old UG profile known as 'the fitz', he has a great blog on the subject.
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