Preferably EMG 81/85 or something similar. Hopefully with everything needed to just drop them right in. Ive heard of the Dragonfire 81C/85A that are supposed to be just like the emgs but cheaper..anyone know if their any good?
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I have an EMG 81 that I swapped out of my LP along with the electronics that came with my 60X, its only the one pickup, so just keep it in mind.
Does it have everything i need to just drop it in? Whats the condition and how much are you asking for it?
My Gear:
-Gibson Les Paul Studio
-Marshall AVT150H w/MG412A
-Cry baby Classic Wah
I have a set of 81/85 EMGs... I've connected them to my current guitar to ensure they work, but no idea on the solder work on the pots.
It includes everything you need to wire a guitar from scratch, sans a pickup selector.

Assuming you're in the States, I'd take $140 shipped.
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i have a 81-85 combo but its just the pickups. Its not hard to order the parts (quick connect, pots) you need on ebay or any guitar shop though
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