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Suddenly, during band practice today, my guitars treble pickup's tone knobs stopped making a huge difference. The volume knob pretty much keeps it at the same volume, and the tone knob, doesn't sound like a drastic change anymore. Is this the wiring? I got the guitar a week ago. It's 26 years old and is pretty much unplayed and perfect condish. Should I just take it to a guitar tech?
i can only think of 2 thing: either theres a short in the wiring or the tone pot(s) either way i'd take it to a tech just so you dont screw the guitar up unless your confident in your abilities to fix the problem and i bet a tech could diagnose the problem faster than of us hre
Ok cool, so its no big problem or anything? Won't have to get new pickups right?
well it may be the pickup but i doubt it i'd still take it to a tech to be absolutely sure though just to be on the safe side
Most likely just an issue with the pots. Pots accumulate a carbon type substance when you do not play they for a long period of time. If the guitar has been left laying around with the volume nob turned up for 26 years the slight electrical charge may have caused this. If it is the pots its a cheap enough fix.
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