Right now, I'm obsessed with trying to write a song in that time signature because some of my favourite songs (Norwegian Wood, Where Did You Sleep Last Night, Low Man's Lyric and El Paso) are written in that time signature. I took a song I already wrote and played it in triple metre but I had to cut up the lyrics into different bars and it didn't sound good. So can anybody give me some tips for writing a song in triple metre?
you mean 3/4 time right
count in threes? get used to the rhythm and then play around in that ryhthm
Usually each bar is 1 chord. I would start writing one from scratch rather than converting a 44 song. A lot of 34 have a waltz feel (single bass quarter note followed by the chord played for beats 2 & 3), a half note followed by quarter note, but my favourites are the unique ones or the arpeggiated lines.