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Fender American Standard Strat SSS
14 52%
Fender American Standard Strat Hss
13 48%
Voters: 27.
I've decided I'm definitely picking up a new American Standard next week, I love the feel, I love the tone, I love everything about them. My only concern is I'm not sure which to buy, the SSS or the HSS. After playing them both quite a bit, the SSS is my fav. right now, however I think I Might like the option of having the Humbucker later on. I know I could buy an SSS and just change the pickup later, but the same could be said with the HSS.
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Fender can't make a decent regular sized humbucker (IMO). Plus, the SSS is more sexy.
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SSS and swap that bridge pickup for a stacked humbucker. You still get the classy looks but infinitely more versatility.
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Play before you pay!! If you want it to sound like a Strat get SSS if, you want generic guitar number 666 then opt for the HSS.Neither is better then the other it all boils down to what you like,need,desire blah blah blah.

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I prefer HSS myself and would maybe coil tap it but then you may not play the same sort of music as me. Certainly, when I had an HSS Strat it used a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge with Fender single coils and the tonal options were incredible - better than any other guitar I've ever owned. My Jackson is good and I wouldn't change it but it still doesn't have the tonal range I had with that Strat. Without a doubt, I'd get the HSS, change the humbucker to something better and coil tap it. What more would you ever need?
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You might as well get an SSS, I mean you're buying a Strat. If you wanted it to go heavier, then it would make sense to buy a guitar more geared toward heaviness.

If you're looking for a do it all guitar, then get either one, ditch the pickguard for an HSH, coil tap both H's, and there you go...
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