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I've driven a couple of times before but where there were no cars, but today I went on roads with actual cars on them. It went quite well, I didn't crash, but there were a few close calls, i nearly scraped another car.

So what are people's first time driving stories?
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I've driven a couple of times before but where there were no cars, but today I went on roads with actual cars on them. It went quite well, I didn't crash, but there were a few close calls, i nearly scraped another car.

So what are people's first time driving stories?

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I drove a little bit. I didn't almost hit anyone. I just had to ask questions about intersections and shit. Also, I was shit at keeping a steady speed. I would go up and down about 5mph constantly.
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well me and my sister got our permits on the same day. i drove around in the parking lot for an hour and a half too scared to drive the couple blocks home. on her first lesson she drove in the parking lot then drove the long way home. needless to say my ego stung for a while.
I was once a split second from a head-on crash... on the way home from driving school.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
first time i drove, i had to swerve out of the way of a huge SUV that flipped over because some douche ran a red light and hit it
im still kinda starting out
nothing too bad so far
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A school bus cut me off once. That made me rage, then I got sad.
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It's fun for the first week, then it just goes downhill until it's at the point where you carry an axe around in case you feel the need to chop someone up.

Edit: Scared? Bah.

Pretty much this. I have mad road rage.
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everyone gets scared in the beginning. then you realize people are generally dumb and it gets alot easier. just make sure your never in a rush to get anywhere. people take advantage of their privilege and try to rush everywhere. thats what causes accidents. plan your trips out, take your time, and you'll be ok.
You get over the scariness of driving quite quickly. When you start driving by yourself you get scared of getting lost.
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First time driving alone? I went to buy a MIDI cable to a music shop. The whole travel is fine, but then I try to park in the shops zone. A bunch of old guys are sitting in a bench right next to the parking spot. So I start trying to park and can't ****ing do it. After many tries, the old men are there commenting how much I suck at parking. I said "**** it" and went to a public parking lot some blocks away.

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The first time I went driving a few years ago I drove around an empty parking lot for awhile and then when I tried to pull out onto the road a drunk guy crashed into me.


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The first time I drove, my mom almost got into a fist fight with some douche who was beeping at me in traffic.

Me and my mom were in the car. There was a car in front of me on a two lane road, and it was going INSANELY slow, and the guy behind me was honking at me. I pulled into the parking lot of where I had to go, and this guy followed me. Luckily there was a cop there or my mom would have beat the shit out of him.
I was pretty bad at keeping speed steady.

I'm still horrible at everything, especially directions and remembering where places are/how to get to them.
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Ah, let's see, the first time I drove, I caught on very fast, and was like "Gah, the speed limit's 40, I wanna go faster." driving home from the parking lot my mom made me practice in for a little bit.
I learnt to drive from a big intimidating German man with broken English, who spoke with a Jewish American accent.
When I got my license the first place I drove to was my local grocery store to get some stuff I needed from there. After I got done there I tried to start my car but it wouldn't start. My battery completely died in the parking lot. It didn't even get running after a jump start. After an hour it finally got running and I had to take it to get a new battery in it.
I don't remember much from my first time driving. I remember having fun driving a manual. It's really only got more fun since. I like driving. I like quick shifting. I like it when my velocity derivative is really high.

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I had some pretty weird driving instructors (I think you have to legally be insane to want to be a driving instructor though anyway). One guy was super fat and talked about old cars for the entire lesson, then had me stop in a parking lot so he could get out and talk to his friends for about 20 minutes during the lesson while I sat and waited. Another guy was a super rule freak and was really proud of the fact that he had never driven over the speed limit in his life.

Apparently their lessons worked though now going on a year and a half with no accidents, whereas many of my friends have gotten in some kind of accident already.
Huh, some of these stories make me sound like a good driver. I started off driving around a park a few days then drove around town and whatnot and did just fine. Only thing I did wrong was I didn't notice some tree branches hanging way into the road which I hit, oh well.
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The first time I drove my mom told me to pull over so she could take a picture of me driving next to the Golden Gate Bridge. I started pulling over then she changed her mind and said NO YOU'RE GOING TOO SLOW SOMEONE'S GOING TO CRASH INTO YOU.

Two seconds later, some drunk guy crashes into us

The first time I drove alone was actually really relaxing. I was on a back road near some farms so no one else was around, I had the windows down, and everything was just awesome
I'm a good driver, or I like to think so, other people tell me I'm a good driver though..

Anyways, first day I got my permit, I nearly got in an accident twice, neither my fault, I did nothing wrong, it was total BS.

Needless to say, I ****ing hate driving, it can go die in a pit full of fire. I've had my permit for over a year now, maybe two years, and I'm still scared shitless of it.
Smooth sailing. My last time driving, however...
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^^yeah I actually didn't make the connection until I read the first post.

Also I'm kind of curious how many hours do you have to drive on your learners in other countries? Here is Aus it's 120 hours which seems like a lot.
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My parents are so much fun to learn to drive from. "Okay, you're going to want to change lanes to make the turn up.... STAY IN THE LANE STAY IN THE LANE STAY IN THE LANE" (angry guy in van almost hits me, makes "Come on" gesture as he passes. "Go home. Drive Home. Drive home right now. NOW!"
I wonder how I got to be so laid-back?
Remember, if you and the car beside you are at the red light, you must look at him/her and rev your engine. You must then race when the light turns green.

Unwritten rule of the road.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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my first time driving i crashed into a car the moment i got out of the parking space haha. i was 9 years old tho. i got into the car and then i just floored it while turning the wheel and then BAM!!! i hit a van parked on the other side of the road...........that shit was hilarious!!!!
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Had problems with manual at first, when my dad taught me the basics.

The driving lessons sucked, and I had to repeat my driving exam a few times.

When I finally got to drive on my own, nothing bad happened.
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I crashed both my parents' cars in my first year. I was backing out of my driveway and a DirectEnergy van got my bumper, 500$. Technically my fault but the guy was doing like 60.

Then I passed some guy who was doing 60 on a 100 zone, it was a one lane. I passed him and merged back in, he decided he was the old man who had more experience and wasn't gonna let some kid in a Passat Turbo obey the speed limit, so he hit the gas just as I was coming back in. And in the fraction of a second when I was merging in, and I was in the process of looking in my other mirror, I went right into him, side swiped both passenger doors. 4000$ plus 500$ for the mirror that flew 150 feet in the air. Then the cop came and said the guy was just an angry old man and let us off with no charge, because technically speaking, it was my fault because I was the one doing the action.
The first time I drove on a road I nearly got rear-ended because I slammed on the breaks when a light turned yellow. I was really nervous.
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I've scraped my car on a wall and another car and I've been passed 9 months. My first time driving was pretty uneventful, but about my 4th lesson, I had gone to a party the night before got absolutely off my face - I went from starting the lesson drunk to ending the lesson hungover, and I was god awful that day.

The strange thing for me though with driving lessons is how all of sudden you can get the bite and change gears without even thinking about it. I used to think about it loads, particularly changing gear, but now I don't even realise I've done it... Good luck though TS, you'll pick at all up soon!
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The first time I drove was in a stickshift vw with a bad battery, so if i stalled we had to jumpstart the car.
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