I know this belongs in the gaming thread but i'd really like this question answered without the chaos of that thread.

Okay, I used to have this PS1 game a long time ago and I'd like to know what it was called.

Here's the description to my memory:

The game was a strategy rpg much similar to Final Fantasy Tactics type game play.

It had a futuristic setting. You were some sort of mercenary group. There was very little story beyond that.
There were no actual main characters used in battle: instead you could create(and customize) your own characters: these consisted of various types of gunners, swordsmen, etc.

Basically as far as gameplay went, there was your little "base" thing where you take missions, buy weapons and items, create characters, etc. When you took a mission, the battles were fought on this digital looking field and the objectives were anything from "pick up that item" to "kill all enemies".

There's not much to tell you beyond that: I haven't played the game since I was like 10. The graphics were sprite based and were better than a lot of other sprite based games at the time(such as Wild Arms) so i think it's safe to say the game was a later PS1 game.

Anyways, it was a good game and I'd like to find it on the PS3 store or as an emulator one day. So if anyone could tell me if what they think the game was, pleSE reply.
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