I’ve got Pizza Pie,
In my Eye-Oh-Oh!
And do you know
What they say
In the good book every day?
Get the Pizza Pie out yo’
Own Eye-yie-yo
Before you eat mah slice, bro!
These churches an’ government & sh!t
Makin me throw a fit
Takin my cash
And blastin my a$$
I wish a gun
And then they’d be done
Cause they make this strife
In my f^ckin life
Like Sesame Street
That bird dishes out da beat
And his c0ck-a-doodle-do
Got them skeet
Shootin them in the head
Make them dead
Blam! Mutha fu^ckas!
And mah Chris Tuckas!
Teach me to rhyme
Any f^ckn time!
Then won’t make fun of ma dick
Them bitxches r thick
And then thers tht frog
On da log
In the bog
N’ sh!t!
I wanna kick those who nit
F^cking grandmas
Yellin out da jaws
You aint got da balls
To run these halls
With those bullys makin fun of my **** god daMn u all! Wat the hells ur fckin problem?!?! Stop with that you pieces ofwa ballberries! Dammit I hate you all! Jackals! Hyenas! Microsoft office wit dat fkin sht paerper clip tellin me that mhy grammar n sht anit no good. What?! U think ur smart jus casuse you a fkin computer!? I gonna kil u! where my gun. I wnt to end evrything! Fck I want to die and then kill ppl

pls lemme no if u like. ill crit u if u crit me