hey guys, my second song in progress (i can never seem to finish the damn things!). it's in my profile with the working title "Wicked." parts of it were tracked out of sync, sorry. c4c as usual?

this song was largely influenced by Arcturus's sound, especially on their last album, which had kind of a downtempo, subtly sinister atmosphere i really liked. i think it also has a bit of Finntroll influence, Emperor maybe, i dunno.

there's gonna be an atmospheric orchestral intro of sorts which leads into the first riff that is in the mp3 right now. i also plan to have orchestral accents throughout the song, but not too heavy because i want to keep the subdued (?) feel. and, if i ever find anyone right or develop my own voice, some pseudo-operatic vocals to keep it evil.

my trouble now is that i haven't come up any new bits since i recorded this in the beginning of summer. also, i feel the need to restructure the song so it flows better. any musical direction here would be awesome!
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:00 - :44 / I enjoy this evil sound riff, really sets the mood for the song title.

:44 - 1 / I think you could do better leads, they were uninspired and sounded as if it was forced.

1:00 - 1:30 / Great change, loving the contrast of the clean/distorted guitar.

1:30 - 1:56 / Bit of a disappointment! It was going all so well then this kind of threw off for me... thought if vocals are planned it could work.

1:56 - 2:52 / same^

2:52 - 3:00 / here we go, great section to reboot things.

Pretty long track for a lot of repetition! But I really did enjoy this track and has much potential.

Ah just got to the ending, I loved it. GREAT!
The leadery is pretty nice, but I can't say that about the riffing. It doesn't sound different enough to keep me interested. I mean, what is it trying to be? I don't like Finntroll at all and it reminds me of them :/

I'd say 8:37 is too long for a song like this (not enough parts), so I'd advise you to restructurize it and make it well, max. 6 minutes.

Sorry, that's all I can make up at the moment :/
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I am really liking the vibe in this. The intro is pretty good, but I would consider adding something more in terms of backing sounds (a warm synth perhaps) to fill it in. The guitar tone is not perfect, nor is the mixing from one side to the other. Filling this in will make it 10x better. I love the riff though.

I enjoy the rhythm guitar in the second section of the song as well. The leads are really enjoyable, and definitely sound like Arcturus. I like it when the song slows downs, sounds like it should have orchestral sounds coming into play there.

The galloping rhythm (thats what I'll call it) is pretty good. Nothing spectacular, but fitting. From like 2:05 I really like the light backing behind the first riff as I was hoping for earlier. It makes it sound much fuller.

2:53 has the sound of some older black metal mixed in with almost progressive rock tonality.

The drums in this mix need to be higher. I just noticed I can hardly hear them. They sound programmed (poorly) as well when the mix is not full. What drum program are you using?

3:50. I like this riff but it seems to be too much of a scale and too little of a unique melody. Same goes with the following bass string riff.

4:18 repeats a riff I've heard like 2 or 3 times so far. The repetition needs some added parts, some synths/strings/pianos/leads to make it stand out as its own part.

5:05 brings out some black metal riffs. I like them but the guitar tone leaves a lot to be desired out of this part. Some of the riffs in here are very nice as well, but seem to need to be redone with a metronome.

6:03 this style of riff is just getting monotonous. I would suggest doing something with the tempo or something.

6:55 has an interesting change with the lead, but it dies out into awkwardness. The next riff here is really nice though. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

The outro kind of left a bit to be desired.

The song overall is not horrible, but really is too long for the monotony within it. Riffs I enjoyed initially came back like 5 times throughout and ruined them for me. I understand this song needs vocals and some other elements, but even with them I'd probably want to kill myself before finishing. haha.

If you want some help with the orchestral parts I would not mind programming/writing them up for you. If you use GP or TuxGuitar feel free to contact me via PM. I could also take a look at the composition as a whole and try and help you to fix it up a bit.