I discovered these guys the other week while at Ihsahn's show at the Electric Ballroom in London here in the UK.

I can't honestly say I knew what to expect, looking at the name and the fact they were on a bill with Xerath and Ihsahn but I can safely say I was extremely and pleasantly surprised.

What I got was a relatively unique take on the idea of progressive metal, to my ears at least they share some vague sonic quality with the likes of 3 but have a slightly more metallic bent on it in places:


Title track from their album "Tall Poppy Syndrome"

I urge you guys to all check this out, it's really good stuff.
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So this thread is fairly old but this needs to change fast. Leprous released a new cd called bilateral late last year and it kicks copious amounts of ass!

Ihsahn is featured on this song.


This song is the first one I listened to when I saw Keith Merrow post it on FB.


And this song is my personal favorite on the album. Super progressive and awesome moments galore.


Just realized this is the progressive forum but this band is progressive metal. Metal forum? Both this forum and the metal forum? I would really like to hear thoughts on this band and discuss.
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