Yeah, even if it's a 100 dollar guitar, always be careful what you're doing. I was relocating the string tree, and having no experience in doing that, I got it right only on the 3rd try. Now i'm left with 2 extra holes that I want to fill with something(that's what she said). Any suggestions or should i just leave it the way it is?
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wood putty?

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I'd fill it with a mix of wood glue and sawdust that matches the colour of the finish

since they're just tiny holes you don't really need to go all out on it, so in this case I'd say the simplest solution works best
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As poster above said, wood glue and similar coloured sawdust. Or toothpicks.
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I tried toothpicks, they were too thick. I think I will go with just light colored wood filler.
Saw dust and glue should do it good. From my experience, the filler you buy in a tube is really only good for small indention's and cracks. Even when it dries its sof and falls out. Sawdust and glue is very strong.
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I dont have excess of saw dust, since i live in an apartment, but when i was in a hardware store today, i saw a product named "blend sticks" by plastic wood, I gave it a try and here is what it ended up looking like. I guess it does look better than just holes. Thanks everyone for the input.
wood putty of similar color. I use it to fill trim nail holes in door frames and trim. should work fine
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I did something similar drilling the pin holes for modern locking machine heads.

Just plug it.
Tweat out a couple of small round pegs (out of maple if you can get ahold of it) that are slightly bigger than the holes you want to fill. Lightly tap them in with a hammer and then skim the surface with a sharp chisel/knife. Wet sand with 1000 should make it look pretty good.
I assure you its brilliant!