1. I'm having problems figuring out how to tell what time signature songs are in. Is the Mastodon song "Blood & Thunder" in 8/8 time? If I'm wrong, can you help me iron this out?

2. What's an easy way to figure out the BPM of a song? I've heard you can just count how many beats you hear in ten seconds and multiply it by six but that never seems to come out right for me.
1. First thing you want to key on is the accents in the rhythm section. What is hitting the loudest for the longest in the rhythm section? The smaller, faster notes aren't what you want to listen for - you listen for the big beats, then you fill in the blanks inbetween them with the smaller notes.

Takes time, but looking at transcriptions in Guitar Pro can help you out with this immensely, assuming you know a little standard notation (the rhythm side, anyways)

2. There are a lot of metronomes and amps with a tempo finder function that basically involves pressing a button to whatever rhythm you're listening to. Shitty answer, I know, but the only other way is to use MATHZ... onoz
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