I just saw them last night with disturbed and stone sour. gotta give it up to the boys of A7X, they put on a helluva great show.

besides the point though, do you guys think they will go on to record new music without their fallen drummer? i hope so....
I think they will... bands throughout music have had similar or bigger problems and continued to grow and flourish. A prime example is the red hot chili peppers, they lost a guitarist to death, and the original drummer left because of that. They then found the Froosh and Chad Smith. Now Froosh is gone and they are still going to be putting out a new album. I am a huge A7X fan and they are a tough group of guys.
Anyways, how was the concert? I want to see them and with Disturbed that's amazing.
Im not sure, but hope they do.

But there is an A7X thread in the hardcore forum
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the concert was...superfreakingamazinglysick.....and yes thats a word haha!
Of course they will. I saw them last week and they rocked that shit to the ground, put on a realllly good show.