I want to know about some bands with more than one selftitled song
Theres the main but in other albums its followed by a number.
E.g SOULFLY-Soulfly,Soulfly ll,Soulfly lll Etc
Overkill-Overkill ll:The nightmare continues Etc
Then Focus whith the same as soulfly.
I think Led Zepplin may have done that...btw you may want to look at one of the forums that can help you find what you need. I believe it is the Bands and Artists forums, just look for your favorite genre and submit your question there. Cheers and godspeed
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What a strange, strange request.

Billy Talent name all their albums Billy Talent, Billy Talent II, Billy Talent III.
Masterplan has a song called Masterplan on an album called Masterplan.

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