Well, I'm sure I'll get almost completely negative feedback, but I don't care. My first time finishing a full song at all and I did all this in a few hours.

Understand before even listening that my ADD extends even into writing, explaining why nothings repeated for like, more than 20 seconds, ahaha.

Forgot to fix a few notes I typed in correctly in chords in a few places but I'm going soon so no time to fix it, just to point it out though.

For being so directionless and meandering I think it somehow flows well somehow personally.

Anyways, even rambling and excuses.

Will C4C, of course.

Thanks for any compliments/criticism.

Edit: Uploaded a new one because I finally realized I left something in that wasn't supposed to be there..
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Axe FX II + EBMM JP6 + Jackson DK2S
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ive only listen to the first file so far... but i actually liked it alot... nothing really needed to repeat... sorta reminds me of "between the buried and me"... but its still its own thing... good work dude.
Awesome, thanks for the comments. Both files are actually the same, as you may have realized, haha. Just know some people prefer to listen to a midi than open it in Guitar Pro. Different file names by accident, ah well.

Also @Danny, haha, that's kinda weird cause I have never played drums or really pay attention to them specifically in music so when I have to write them I just kinda wing it, lol.
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Please check it out? ;D

Axe FX II + EBMM JP6 + Jackson DK2S
Critting as I listen

The intro is epic as hell, the transition from those open chords to that dark riff is amazing.

I loved the dissonant yet technical riff in bar 29 and the way the rhythm guitar heavily supports it.

Bar 49 adds kind of a comedic feel yet keeping the dark theme of the song, really nice.

Again, I love how you add sort of happy, major riffs while maintaining the deathcore vibe to it (bar 53-55)

Bar 60 had a Cynic influenced riff I think, sounded good and really hard to play.

You should repeat some riffs or something though, you're changing from riff to riff really fast, but if that's what you're going for, then it does flow nicely.

The ending was also ****ing epic...just like the start.
The sweeps added an amazing melody, in contrast to the dissonance of most of the song, that ends the song in a creative and nice way.

I don't know why you thought people would hate this song, it's hard to make a dissonant song sounds good but this sounded amazing.
and thanks for commenting on my song
Thanks for the crit, haha. Just realized now that that random bass lead is still in the breakdown.. that was supposed to be removed a while ago...
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Please check it out? ;D

Axe FX II + EBMM JP6 + Jackson DK2S
I don't know man, this song is sort of a mixed bag of emotions for me, although I see that there are many great ideas in here there's this sort of harmonic/melodic content I would be more inclined to see in a sort of mocking Frank Zappa song, and it kind of makes a very very strange impression; I'm not really sure whether I like this or not, there are parts that are really sweet and that sound extremely cool, there are parts that should be bad, when I consider the harmonic content, but come off much more as a parody type of joke feel, and when taken in that context, they become great ideas, and there are parts that really do remind me as someone mentioned earlier, BTBAM or Dream Theater, full on prog wank parts that actually sound pretty good.

I find this very hard to review because in my logical mind, this song makes no sense, yet there's something oddly attractive about its oddball characteristics, like a mix of the unknown, the comical, and the sensibilities in metal I'm used to.

The intro is very very dissonant, but for some reason makes me think of a dungeon crawl in Zelda with that melody. As I said earlier, I feel that melody shouldn't fit, but in some way it does.

The second riff with the breakdown, it's hilarious, that lead is wtf, seriously.

Then you have your wank riff and it sounds really awesome, plus the bass is doing some weird harmony that sounds kind of off again but gives it a really unique sound - I can't say it sounds bad.

Again when the "break" type thing comes in, it makes me feel like I'm listening to Opeth written by clowns. (mesure 35)

Mesure 52, wtf, total frank zappa moment.

The next riff makes me think of a sort of cynic inspired riff, with again, some weird funny harmonic content, I can't stop laughing at this song but, I can't say it sounds bad, really this song kind of amazes me in that way.

Mesure 89 kind of makes me think of Protest the Hero, sounds pretty cool actually, I dig it.

Well... lol. Good song? It was very entertaining to listen to, really. Total incomprehensible structure, a harmonic content that made me scratch my head and laugh, strange moods and melodies on top of full dissonant chords, yet interesting enough to make me listen often, and actually like it.

Congratulations, you managed to confuse me beyond belief, hahaha.

If you'd like to C4C check out my Uber folder and pick a song!
Damn, that's probably the best description/criticism I've ever read, haha. The second riff with the breakdown hillarious as in not good for real orrrr? I thought it sounded like an Egyptian circus.

Otherwise, I think at least, I'll take the rest as compliments mostly. xD

I'll try to get around to critting yours in a bit, I gotta go for a while now though.
Arms Of Empire
^ ^ ^ Band I am involved in ^ ^ ^
Please check it out? ;D

Axe FX II + EBMM JP6 + Jackson DK2S
Why can't I open this?!?!?!?!?!? is it because I am the not-so-proud owner of a mac?
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I came here not expecting much thanks to the title, but I'm pleasantly surprised.

All is great up until measures 53-58. Eh. The riff that follows made up for it though. It was brilliant. 79-88 likewise was meh. The outro afterward was super cheezy. Overall I appreciated the "directionless and meandering" style. I have a similar piece you can check out: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1337004
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