This is just an instrumental I wrote a week ago. I don't really know what genre you could call it. I guess it would be like indie or something like, but I don't really know. I think it's pretty good, but I would like some other opinions.

As you can see, I have the song in GP4 and GP5 format and MIDI; but I also an RSE version in GP5 format. If you have RSE I suggest you use it because I wrote it with RSE and sounds a lot better with it.
El Completarlo.zip
First off, part three is incredibly abrupt haha. But I'm sure you wrote it that way Hell I listen to bands like Tub Ring etc avant-garde things like that.. It works, in a quirky way.

You have a lovely grasp of what I would call "not so common harmonisation", it really adds something to it.

My only suggestion for the piece at the moment, it don't what ever you do resign it to being an instrumental track. nonono. This would be all kinds of brilliant with a good quirky vocal line over it. And my I say you cycle through genres like no bodies business and manage to keep it almost entirely coherent. I'm impressed. Not something I can do with out a good deal of thought.

loved it, in short.

Bringing back the heavier part 3 and that other section for the outro really ties things together. I startted off this piece thinking it was going to end up being a jumble of riffs. But once I've finished it, it really ties together. Keeps me guessing. And thats a good thing. And very good thing.

I wouldn't call it Indie as such [or at least as the experimental tag to it as well]. as in my experience indie tends to mean generic pop now days, but I don't care much for labels, as long as the music is intriguing/interesting etc etc.

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