I'm going be making a diddley bow for art class, similar to how Jack White did in It Might Get Loud.
How long and thick would a the piece of wood for the body need to be to prevent the wood for bending under the tension?
I will have access to my schools woodshop if needed
it doesnt need to be long its about the thickness... (thats what she said) all you need its a few nails a bottle a pick up and a guitar string.
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3 nails (two in front of and one behind your glass bottle or whatever you're using for a bridge), one nail to tie the other end of the string to (You can hammer the nail in more to increase tension on the string and raise the pitch). Then get a shit pickup, wire it to a jack, and install.

I did one for my speech class. Sounded amazing through my friend's Marshall MG 15 watter. Crank the tone knobs all the way up, gain about halfway, and put a bit of reverb on it.

I used a socket (for a socket wrench) as a slide.
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Tip: if you can't find a cheap magnetic pickup, go to Radio Shack and buy a Piezo buzzer. Crack open the plastic case and stick the piezo disc to the "body" and connect the wires to a jack. It works as a contact pickup. It won't be very loud, but it works and costs virtually nothing.
I built one a little while back; just a 2x4 about 2 to 2 1/2 feet long, four nails (one for each end of the string, and the other two behind the dowel to hold it from rolling back), a thick, round dowel to use as a kind of nut and to help keep the string taught, a block of wood, an Altoids tin, and a guitar string.

Didn't put a pickup in it, though.

Used the Altoids tin on top of the block of wood as a combination bridge/resonator.
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