Hello, my bass playing fellows!
So i've been playing bass for just a few days, so this question might seem a little stupid..
So, when i bought this guitar, pickups were almost in the same level as the pickguard. It wasnt really comfortable to place my thumb on it, so decided to raise them up a little bit. But as i raised them, some buzzing appeared when plucking strings not exactly straight up. You know, when i pluck them just a bit towards the guitar the buzz appears. I know that string isnt touching frets nor pickups. So now im wondering: is my picking technique bad or should i lower the pickups?
Thanks in advance.
what kind of bass is it? Pics would probably be handy too.
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simple answer. even though you said the strings aren't hitting the pickups, they are. lower em back down. and don't anchor on the pups! anchor on a string instead.
You could try raising your action (making the strings higher up, further apart from the fretboard). However, having your action that high will make the bass feel totally different to play. Some people like particularly high action, but especially for a beginner, it will probably feel pretty uncomfortable. I'd go with what bbetances said and lower the pups back down and anchor on the strings - its a great, versatile technique
Where is the buzzing coming from?
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