Hi so i'm getting a ibanez rg1570 or the 1570z. but theres an £150 price difference and the only difference is the bridge that i can find. but whats the difference between the edge pro and the edge zero and is it worth the extra for the edge zero thanks
I did not use Edge Zero. I think its kinda complex system. However, I like my Edge Pro very much.
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the difference is that the edge pro equipped guitar is cheaper `cos the edge pro is discontinued for 2010, so your option is do you want this years model or last years model, personally i`d take the edge pro over the edge zero.
You can take out the 2 springs and it´ll function just like the edge pro.
what you meant to say is you can remove the zps system and have it full floating, there are major design differences between the pro and zero though and each outweighs the other equally depending exactly what the player wants from the trem.