ok so i own a schecter diamond series omen 6 and i was thinking lately about making some modifications. i was thinking about replacing the pickups(humbuckers by the way) and replacing the bridge with a tremolo bridge. could anyone please tell me the pros and cons of doing these? along with affordable suggestions of pickups/bridges

for the pickups im thinking you might want to know what i play. so, i play a wide range of genres including jazz,acoustic, blues, rock, and (occassionally) a little metal, so im looking for a combination that can deliver good sound in diff styles

im also open to any other suggestions...like maybe if you think i should modify something else first.
for pickups go to the ultimate pickup buying thread. it's stickied at the top here in GB&C...

Theres probably no drop in replacement tremelo so your going to have to route and probably refinish. Unless you get some type of bisby that you can just drill in.

For bridges check

Floyd Rose