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239 59%
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Stare at your reflection. Take it in. Think. Analyse.

Looks, popularity, intelligence, body etc.

Are you happy with what is staring back at you? Why?
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EDIT: actually, I guess I'm ok with myself. Always room for improvement.
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Well considering I just got out of bed this wouldn't be an accurate time to answer.
Yes, I like the way I look.

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Yes. I can quite happily say, I am.
Popularity? Nonexistant. Just how I like it.
Looks? I like it, girlfriend likes it - nobody else does, but who gives a shit?
Intelligence? Too much for my own good.
Body? If I did any sort of exercise, I might put on some weight, and I'd be a seriously toned mother****a.
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Im happy with myself... but i know that i still have a long way to go before i get where i want to be
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I'd say, objectively, that in the reflection there's a pretty handsome guy, he look intelligent and by his posture I'd say he's pretty confident. His beard is pretty unmanaged though, but not so long and unmanaged he looks like he's a hobo, more like a student in his 20's that don't really care, but he probably should if he wants to give a better impression.

Maybe he needs to put on some weight, and get new clothes, they look worn. I don't know if they fit his style. If he is going for one in particular. He's quite tall.
I need a haircut, I haven't shaved in a week and I'd like to drop a few stone, but otherwise I'm pretty happy, yeah.
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Stare at your reflection. Take it in. Think. Analyse.

Looks, popularity, intelligence, body etc.

Are you happy with what is staring back at you? Why?

Looks: after losing a bit of weight, **** yes.
Popularity: like I give a damn
Intelligence: Don't look it, but know I am
Body: after losing a bit of weight, i'm gonna look like a strong, muscled motherfucker.

So yeah, after losing some weight, I'm gonna be pretty friggin happy with how I look.
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I think i set my goals too high, so inevitably i'd be disappointed..
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Whatever Kensai said. Minus the beard, being in my 20's, somewhat tall and the pretty handsome part.
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other than the massive zit awkwardly positioned on the inside of my nostril, pretty content yeah.

My god i hate those. Have a small one now. Hurts like a bitch

EDIT: And yea im happy with myself
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Looks: okay I guess, I hate my hair though. It never stays in one place and it always gets in my eyes.

Popularity: meh I don't really care.

Intelligence: I am but I'm pretty gullible. I'd like to change that.

Body: ew
EDIT: actually my legs are nice. but ew for the rest

I guess I'm happy with everything overall, there's not much I can do to change.
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Hey good lookin' what you got cooking?
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Growing my hair was a good decision, however it will soon fall out.
Therefore - now: happy
but ask again in 5 years. My dad was bald at 22, I'm going on 17.

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No, just no, on all counts bar intelligence.
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Remove a few pounds of fat, discover a cure for albinism, get some muscle, and the I'll be happy.

... yeah, like that's going to happen.
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no, but it's because i haven't showered yet and i got a mutant cowlick XD

EDIT: i'll do this the right way i guess:

Looks: meh, need a haircut now because i grew it over the summer for the hell of it.

Popularity: not super popular but the people i know i'm happy with

Intelligence: made the honour role from grade 10 til now so that means something i guess

Body: since i've been doing construction work all summer i got more muscle so i'm pretty damn happy about it
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Hmm.. Interesting concept, I can honestly say I'm happy with how I look and my body (I'm into health so.. No problems there), Intelligence.. Yep happy with that, and I feel like popularity is irrelevant to me, I might have cared back in high school but now I'm older, that being said people do respect me in my workplace so.. Yep.

So, I'm perfectly happy with what I am.. but I'm not actually happy anyway most of the time.. Maybe it's my girlfriends mother.. But I think it's more than that, I'm unhappy with what's around me on the way to work.. If I watch television, etc... Cool to think about though!
My looks are okay, although I'm a bit on the pale side. My hair tends to go just about anywhere except where I want it, though. Especially my eyes. Could use haircut.

Popularity? Care.

Intelligence? I tend to score pretty good at IQ tests, but I can be a bit socially awkward at times. How brainy I look tend to vary with how cooperative my hair is, though.

As for body? Meh, I could gain some weight, I guess. I'm a bit tall, and pretty skinny. So long as I don't wear tight-fitting t-shirts I'm fine. A little tan would help, too.

Overall? Could be better. Could be worse. Frankly, I don't really think about it much.
I'd be much happier if I lost a bit of chubby-ness.. and lost my baby-face look that went with it.

I'm happy with my level of intelligence, and as far as popularity is concerned, somehow I think I'm more well liked than I have myself believe, but maybe not.

So I'm probably less happy than happy, but I'm working on it.
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Not really. But I did wake up 3 minutes ago and therefore look like crap.
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Yes, for once I'm pretty content. I've been doing the Invisalign clear braces, and now I can comfortably smile. My hair is a bit too short though.

Really popular, but I don't care anymore.

Not as intelligent as I want to be.

Looks wise yeah I'm happy. Although show me a photo of myself and you will get a completely different answer
yes, other than a bit or a beer belly, I'm pretty happy - could be better, but I'm hoping for a lot of self improvement when I go to uni in about a month
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just a few of my fans..

looks? meh

popularity? sorta, but i dont really care that much

intelligence? probably a bit too high. or maybe i just think too much

body? im a bit bony, but if i started working out i could get something going
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There should be a "meh" option.

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Like most, I could be happier.

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Looks: No, I'm not happy with the way I look. Once I have braces though, my acne fades a little and I get a haircut I think I'll be content.

Popularity: I have a large group of friends and a few close ones. Friendly with lots of people from different places with different interests and personalities. Could be more popular but considering I make very litle effort and I like to keep myself to myself most of the time I'm in the perfect postition.

Intelligence: Got top marks in all my exams last year without trying so I guess I'm pretty smart. I want to do medicine and know I can if I put effort into it. I have problems putting effort in though...

Body: I have a better then average physique. Wanting to improve that, put on some more muscle and get proper abs. Only bad thing really are a few moles on my back that I'm a little self conscious about.

Wow... I never realised I'm actually not that bad. Always putting myself down. I guess I really should be more confident in myself! Thanks for this thread TS!
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