Did someone try it? strings of the acoustic guitar in a classic guitar. What if i will do it. Does this guitars is really different or no ? What u think?
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Bad idea. No more needs to be said.
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If you put steel acoustic strings on your classical guitar, it will damage it, or at the very least, never stay in tune, due to the lack of truss-rod in a classical guitar.

I hope that answered your question.
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2. See number 1.

Honestly, this question has been asked and answered more than any other in this thread. NO, steel strings won't work on a classical guitar.
And.... Classical guitars and steel-string guitars all both "acoustic" guitars. That just means they have no internal electrics.
Just buy some nylon strings it'll sound smoother than steel and you won't risk damage to your instrument. I wish I had a 'classical' guitar. Is that really what they are called? Does the term classical guitar imply nylon strings?