I recently came across a Martin DM-12 (12 String) Acoustic, and honestly thought it was worth more then what I'm being offered on Craigslist.

People are only seeming to offer 400$? It's in MINT condition (only flaw is that the plastic film on the pick guard is peeled back a very tiny bit)

I'm also including a hard case?

Is it really only worth 400$ now used? Or are people trying to rip me off?
Not too familiar with that model, but you know the old saying... It's only worth what someone will pay for it.

Something else to realize, it's not mint condition if it has ANY flaws. To be in mint condition, it must have absolutely zero flaws.
Pretty sure the plastic film doesn't effect the condition on there guitar on there pick guard
Brand new it was around $800, so yeah, your getting a great deal. A pick guard is easily replaced, costs like $5.

Buy it now!!

Oh wait, your selling it, nvm, but still applies, when you sell used stuff, you gota knock off about half if it's not really in demand.
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i've had better luck getting a higher price on ebay than craigslist, but if i don't mind getting 50% to 65% of new price, i can sell faster on craiglist. examples - got $250 on cl for my s6 and the same for my coastline cedar grand, which was b stock, but got almost what i paid new for a truly mint carvin bolt on ebay.