Hey guys.. I'm looking for a USB condenser mic to record guitar and vocals. I've looked at Samson CO1U and CO3U, but have heard that they struggle if too much gain is used.

I won't be playing anything with serious gain, but things toward a sound similar to Libertines or Stereophonics. Would this push the mic too far?

Any suggestions for alternatives?

Thanks a lot in advance, it's much appreciated!
I was looking at the Samson myself as a first mic, but got the Blue Snowball (with 3 options, including one for live speaker recording, it is attenuated).Quality is great, and it is around the same price. I don't regret my purchase, check it out.
Okay thanks, what kind of music do you record on it? Does it take a lot of gain?
Electric - Like I said, Stereophonics or Libertines kind of style. With a fair bit of crunch, but nothing severe.
i dunno if a condenser mic would be best for electric then. You could experiment by all means but from my experiences Dynamic is usually the way forward for recording guitars.
Dynamic for drums (except cymbals), screaming vox, and guitars.

Condenser for clean vox, clean guitars, cymbals.
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