I've recorded some of the guitar part to an acoustic song I'm hoping to write. It's my first song so I'd just like to get some opinions on it.

You can listen to it here - http://www.muziboo.com/Kai193/music/first-song/

Recorded so far are the proposed verse, bridge + chorus. I'm having quite a difficult time putting lyrics to music so thought it would be as well checking what people thought of the actual guitar part before I attempt any singing ha.

Feedback would be appreciated. And perhaps advice on where I should be thinking of going vocally to achieve the best effect.

Thanks a lot in advance!
Its a nice track. The intro/rhythm is interesting, but the little 'fill' that you do on the chord at the end would be better brought in later into the track. It would sound repetetive otherwise. Ideally, the intro should be something separate from the main rhythm that breaks into the main rhythm.

Vocally, the guitar track is definately something that is worth writing/recording vocals for. Kudos.

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