I have about £500 to spend on a new guitar, opinions on what would be the best?

I was looking at a standard fender strat (Sunburst, Maple fretboard).
Try and back up what you say, don't just say guitars and not say why (I'd like to know why it's good -sound, playability etc).
Saying what it's not the best at would help aswell

I play a little bit of anything. Really anything so versatility is a big point for me.

I appreciate any help guys
I would say the best thing to do is go down to your local music store, and play a whole bunch of guitars in your price range and pick the one you like the best. You can develop a good relationship with your local shop, and find the guitar you like the best, instead of dicks on the internet telling you what is "best".
holybajeezus is right...it's gonna be biased everything on the internet, what you like can be completely different from what somebody else likes...
I don't charge much...

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Fender FMT Custom HH Telecaster - 22 frets, easy to reach them, coil tap, Seymore Duncan's. very Versitle.

Jackson DK2 - yes thats right a Jackson, it's really versitle. My friend plays Metal to ska to jazz on that guitar. Also the neck is comfortable.
personally i'd get a japanese-made tokai (if you're looking at strats, that is). you can get a gs100 for £350 if you shop around, it's MIJ, has a gotoh wilkinson trem (badass, in other words), gotoh tuners, etc. etc. I haven't tried that exact model, but the MIJ tokai strats I have tried have annihilated the MIM standards I've tried.

if it has to look exactly like a strat (the gs100 has a modified pickguard), the ast50 is just over £500...

some of the fretkings might be worth a look, too (I haven't tried them, but on paper the spec is pretty good).
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But then again you may want to try something second hand as it will probably cheaper, and guitars are pretty hard to **** up unless you're reasonably retarded. And if you do go to a local shop, ask around your guitar playing friends who the good dudes are, as not all music shops are friendly or helpful. But all I can suggest doing is playing all the guitars you're interested in and make the decision on your feelings on each guitar. P.S.; buy an Ibanez you fag
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If you're looking at a Strat for £500 I'd be looking at this as my first choice:


I played one of these a while ago and I was really impressed. Firstly, the build quality was excellent but I also liked the versatility of 7 pickup configurations and I prefer the 12" radius neck to the older 9.5" version. It's far more playable. Another alternative might be:


I know it's not the most obvious choice but honestly, they're surprisingly versatile and this is a hell of a lot of guitar for the money. The neck is very comfortable and playable while the spec is certainly impressive. Mine cost a hell of a lot more, largely for the thru-neck! If you could push the budget just a bit further a tremendous guitar would be this:


Very well built indeed and beautiful to play. These are also highly versatile guitars. Another one similar would be the Paul Allender model:


Any of these guitars are excellent value at the price.
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You Want to look at epiphone there part of the gibson family just abit cheaper, Quality, Exquisit Guitars arpund the £500 region i have an epiphone es 335 beautifull built guitar shes lovely... give them a look www.gibson.co.uk/epiphone.php ....
Thanks for this guys, I'll be trying guitars in music stores and i'll keep my eye out for second hand guitars.
I won't be judging just on what people say, but having a rough idea of what's good to try out helps alot.

Anymore guitars people?