Hi all I have an original wh10 wah but the red wire from the 9 volt socket has come off of the main board and I am not sure where it has come off / needs to be soldered back. the black wire is in its place fine. If anyone has a photo of the inside or can help explain that would be great thanks in advance.
this doesnt have to be in the wah modding thread. he just wants to fix the wah.

also if you can read a schematic then that will be all you need to fix the pedal.

according to the schematic it goes to D1 on the side with the stripe.
thanks for the reply really appreciate it, i'm new to schematic diagrams and am too nervous with such an old pedal to just trial and error anything. heres a shot of the inside and the red wire, guess we all have to start somewhere with learning about schematics and all.