I bought an rp200 a few years back and have not had to buy any other effects pedals, simply because i have only been practicing at home. As I am improving, I see that there are a few effects that i want that my rp200 doesn't have, such as looping. Before i ask about which looping pedal i should buy, I want to know if it is possible to connect a looping pedal to my multi-effects pedal. Common sense tells me that it won't work, in which case I would like to know of a good multi-effects with looping.
Just one answer to your second question...I just got a Line 6 M9 stompbox and it has a looper built in along with a lot of effects. Their M13 model also includes a looper. The M9 is nice.
what do you mean connect the looping pedal to the multi effects? Every pedal has an INput and OUTput so if you mean being able to play a loop with effects on it then yes it is very possible. Also the best bang for your buck looper out there is the digitech jam man. It has the most space to store presets at any given price range and you have generally the most time per loop to create something.
rockgodman, i mean plugging my guitar into the rp200, then plugging the rp200 into the loop pedal, then into my amp. Is this possible?