Hey all. I have 2 1990s Japan ESP's, one Horizon and a custom MII, both of which I love and would never sell, but am looking for a new guitar for around $500 to play more hard rock and blues with as I play more heavy music with the ESPs. Obviously I wont get a USA guitar with $500 but thats fine as I cant spend alot right now and its more to just play with friends etc. I have played a few guitars including the Mexi Fender strats and was quite impressed with them. I also played a few ESP LTD EC-1000s, a Schecter, Laguna etc. What would you get. I have also read alot about Agiles and have heard some good things. Anyone own one and would you reccomend it? I know it all comes down to how it feels to the player, as I have been playing for about 30 years, but I still want opinons. Thanks.
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Agiles, I have heard, are a very good choice. But, I would look at used epiphone Les Paul at Fender MIM Strat. I also have a Jackson X series guitar, that was around $500 that I like. But I had to mod it to get bit to where I like it. You most likely will have to do at least a couple of mods to the guitars in that range to get it where you want it.
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