Yo! After the recent demise of my lefty Warlock I'm now looking for a new guitar. I've got a choice of 4. If anyone has any experience, good or bad, with any of them let me know. Even your opinion will do. They are: LTD KH-202L, Ibanez RG370DXL, Schecter V-1 Blackjack and a Jackson DK2L.
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Of those, the Schecter and the Jackson are the best. From a hardware standpoint, I'd give the Blackjack the edge as I'm a big fan of Blackouts. I'm not a huge fan of the JB in the bridge in the Jackson, but I think the Jackson has a nicer neck profile. Also they have different pickup configurations and vastly different body shapes, so it's best if you try them out if you can.
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I'd say Jackson myself but then I don't tend to get on with Schecter necks so well.
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My friend and I tried the KH202, our gripe was the pick-up selector and the knobs(teehee) layout.
I kept knocking the volume etc when trying to switch pick up.
Maybe Kirk Likes it, but not me.

The RG350EX was nice when I tried it, but the neck was not very wide and the e string kept going over the edge with only a little vibrato. My friend did the same thing when he tried it.

The Schecter, well if you get a more expensive one it has a great feel, a fast, but larger than "shred-thin" so it still has a fuller tone.

Never actually tried the Dinky actually, but I have heard good things.

Either way, [Try 'em all if you can, you might only need one and you'll fall in love.
Or might realise that it's not for you.

Trying is a MUST before buying.
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I tried the KH202 and the RG370 yesterday and liked them both. My mate has a Schecter C-1 which I've played (upside down) so I might try a DK2 upside down to get feel for it. Oh the joys of playing lefty.
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Trying is a MUST before buying.

That is definitely true. I never realized how much one guitar could be different than another. I would lean toward the Jackson myself.
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