Right now I'm trying to learn Katatonia's Idle Blood and I'm having trouble with the chords in that song. The intro I can sort of manage, but the verse and chorus go straight over my head.
The chords are
0- - - - - 0
5- - - - - 5
6- - - - - 5
6- - - - - 5
4- - - - - 3
X- - - - - X
How am I supposed to position my fingers? It seems my technique isn't working out at all, as I can slowly feel my fingers start to cramp up.

Any tips or pointers? Thanks in advance.
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Yeah, I know, but switching between them seems REALLY difficult, so I obviously must be doing something wrong.
For the first one, Index on 4, middle on 5, ring and pinky on the 6s.

I don't know how you can't do the second one, that's just a power chord.
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Well I'm used to just using my index, ring and pinky for power chords. Switching between having my middle finger on the B string and the G string seems like quite a task.
I play ska, and that second type of chord happens a lot. Many guitarists I know in the genre (including myself) fret it as a power chord while barring with the first finger. It gives basically the same sound in the grand scheme of the passage.
I play guitar in a ska band.
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Those are just basic power chords bro. Get used to em

It's a not powerchords, there's a 3rd.

Anyway, get a watch and see how many switches between them you can make in a minute. Do that a few times, helps with the motivation - and the positioning.
I had problems with chord, I mean HUGE problems with chords when I have started playing the guitar. What I did was, just practice song parts with the chords I had trouble with, I eventually just started playing them automatically smooth and instant.

I practiced C, E, F with House of the rising sun
practiced D, C in stairway to heaven
AM in Ain't talkin' bout love

I eventually had troubles with G since I didn't practice it at all, so I built it again and again with some 1-2 other chords to create a melody and I learned it too.

Practice makes perfect. Just play the part A LOT of times until you get it. And don't worry about speed.
what you`ve got the is C#m and C major as barre chords....this is grade 1 stuff.

for C#m make a open Am shape with your middle, ring and pinky fingers and move that up to the 5th fret and then use your index to barre across the 4th fret

for the C major play a open A by just barring your index finger then move that up to the 5th fretand barre your index across the 3rd fret.

if you are cramping up then do a proper warm up and check your posture