So I’m a lefty and I’m in the market for a new guitar. I have a BC Rich platinum that I’ve been using for about 6 or 7 years now. I began to regret the decision about 5 years ago, and began to love the decision again about 2 years ago. The guitar is hilarious and it actually doesn’t sound half bad when I tweak it just right… but it’s also not really the greatest guitar in the world, and I think we all know that. It’s just that I haven’t been in an urgent rush to get a guitar because of how decent it actually can be.

Anyway, I’m starting to make some money and I want to get another guitar. I play a Peavey Valveking through a Mesa 4x12 with V30’s. This thing can rock pretty damn hard. I love classic tones and I think my ideal tone would be something like Valiant Thorr’s on “Immortalizer” - Just a big thick beefy but TIGHT tone. Obviously a Les Paul seems to be in order, but while I am making some money, I don’t know if I can justify dropping 1800-3000 bucks on a guitar.

This is where I get a little bit unreasonable. I want a guitar that looks nice. In my opinion the lefty LP studios look a little boring. The ones you see the most (and possibly the only ones they made? If I’m wrong please correct me) are the black with chrome hardware and the wine red. I like the wine red, but I think it would look better with gold hardware. If I got one and wanted to switch the hardware how much do you think that would cost?

I’m also looking at the LTD EC-1000’s. I’ve been interested in them for years now, but I’ve always hated the abalone. I love the look of the Vintage Black ones, though. But I don’t know if I’m a huge fan of the EMG set up. The upside here would be the guitar is just so good looking, and with a slightly thinner body (and no maple cap) the guitar would be much lighter. I’ve been known to get a little out of control on stage – I’m a mover – and that tends to be part of my bands shows, so the weight would be more comfortable. I was wondering if it would be too hacky to get one of these and replace the EMGs with Seymours of even stock Les Paul pickups? I’ve heard the EC-1000 Sunburst with Seymours and I like the tone of it way better than the very metal tone of the ones with the EMGs. I could probably sell the EMGs for a pretty decent price too? How much does pickup replacement cost? And how much do you think not having a maple cap would effect it? It seems like the tone would be somewhere between an SG and an LP. Does that sound right? I’d be willing to compromise SOME tonal shape for something that won’t inhibit me while I’m playing.

I’ve also considered the Agiles, but if it was between one of these and a LP Studio, which I have the money for, I’d probably just go ahead and get a Gibson. Someone could talk me out of this opinion, for sure, though. My drummer (who used to be a guitar player) also made the argument that he’d rather have a 400dollar guitar banging around on stage than his 1200 Gibson.

Any other suggestions are welcome, as well. I’ve also considered SGs, but again, the comparison between an SG and an EC-1000 seems to lean toward an EC because of the tone I want and I like the way LP-style guitars look. SGs are so classy though. I don’t know! :p

Some basics:

Budget – Probably nothing too far over 1000
Tone – Tight, classic tone. Bass around 1, Mids at 3, treble at 2. Thick, fat.
Amp: Peavey Valveking w/ Mesa 4x12 w/ Vintage 30’s
And remember, I’m a lefty!

Here’s my band if you want to get an idea of the kind of stuff I tend to play. I like aggressive music but where a lot of people like to go for a super metal tone and get EMGs I still love the classic rock tone. I also play other kinds of music.


Thanks a lot for any help dudes!
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Try looking used for something like a PRS CE or a Les Paul

EDIT: My bad, didn't read properly. I would still suggest looking into the used market, and be aware that Agiles do punch above their weight for their price, though whether or not they keep up with a well made Gibson is a bit much to say
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Replacing pickups shouldn't be too big of a deal if you wanted to do that, especially if you do it yourself. Basic soldering skill is all you really need there, along with a small dose of common sense. If you are paying a shop to change them it would probably add around $50-100 to the price of the new pickups, and I would expect you could get about 1/2 value for the EMGs aftermarket, so add that up and see if it is something you want to pay. It *would* be a great option as that is a great guitar, but might be more expensive than you would like.

Alternatively, Jackson makes several models with SD pickups that may be to your liking, and I'm sure some of them come in lefty models. Take a look through their catalog and see what you like/don't like before making a final decision - it might save you a decent bit of money while still delivering everything you want.

The final option is to look at Ibanez. Either an RG or S series would nail the sound you want with a bit of tweaking and would have the looks you want as well (we all know it does matter - some just don't like to admit it!). Only problem here is that most anything sub-$1k would be loaded with Ibanez branded pickups (largely Dimarzio clones) that may not be quite to the standard of SD. They are not remotely bad, however, so again - worth trying and seeing if you like the tones you can get out of them. I know they have several lefty models.

You have some complex requirements, so it will be hard for anyone to just throw out a single specific model and say "this is for you", but hopefully this will help guide your searching. Only you can decide, good luck!
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I would still suggest looking into the used market, and be aware that Agiles do punch above their weight for their price, though whether or not they keep up with a well made Gibson is a bit much to say

I am totally open to used stuff. It's all I buy. It would be the only way I could justify getting an LP Studio for sure. I'd be open to getting something new but I just don't think that's very smart when you can usually get the same stuff for way cheaper.

Thanks for the advice both of you. I have a hookup on pickups, so they wouldn't be as expensive as normal, so I'd be more okay with paying someone to install them. I just had no idea how much that would be.

I also didn't think of the Epiphone LP models. Anyone have any advice on those?
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I like my Schecter Hellraiser, it's a pretty versatile guitar and it's got coil-tapping on the EMG's for better cleans, and delivers a punchy high-gain tone. 'Course, if you're wary about EMG's, I admit it's not as versatile as I'd like it to be, which is why I also own a Fender. Putting a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge of a Fender Strat goes a LONG way, and might present a better balance for the sound you want, so there's another option.
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