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play those up and down the strings
do you mean stretch as in perform big stretches? or stretch as in actually increasing the length of your fingers?
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Ive been trying to stretch my fingers because im a beginner, any ideas?

Start with any stretching lick and move as far up the neck as is comfortable to do so, practice it there until you're really comfortable with it then move it down a fret and get comfortable there. Rinse and repeat until you have a 12 fret span

Make sure you always have good technique when you're doing these kinds of things as well, put your thumb in the middle of the back of the neck or lower if you find it hard to reach and make sure you're relaxed. Never EVER move further down the neck than you're absolutely comfortable with, if you feel any kind of pain stop and move back up then neck and take a good look at your technique to make sure there's nothing wrong.
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TS they are good little warm up exercises (kind of a standard thing that we all do...i hope), there`s nothing anyone can do about the size of your hands, you have to suffer with what you`ve been given, but exercises will help in making you feel more comfortable when playing phrases that require a stretch.

the average persons fret span is around 5 to 6 frets (from the 1st fret)
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On a serious note, just come up with some riffs that would require a nice stretch, it'll come in due time. I've got short little sausage fingers and I have no problem stretching them damn far.