I made a NEW atmospheric black metal song and this time I shrieked on it too! The sng structure is really um... straight forward and the sounds are muddy and kind of buried down on purpose.

Yeah if u care give it a listen and I'll do the same (if you leave me a link). It's called "Tomb of Ice (+ version number [current version 1.1])" and it's the first song on my profile.

Drums: GP6
Synth: Cello ensemble (GP6)
Guitar: ESP LTD M-1000
Distortion: Line6 AGGRO (Line6 PODxt)
Amp: Crate 15 watt practice amp
Instrument microphone: Logitech usb-microphone (just in front of the amp)
Vocal microphone: Fatal1ty gaming headset microphone
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LOL, for some reason the impression I get from you is like some wacky Frank Zappa of metal pulling pranks at the Grammys and telling crude jokes during interviews.
i haven't listened to much underproduced atmospheric black metal, so maybe my ear is a little untrained. but here goes

my first impression was that i wanted the guitar to be a little less sharp so i could hear more clearly what was being played. i guess it's atmospheric and all (it's definitely clearer better than a lot of black metal i've heard), so the broken chords do work. it built up to what i'm guessing is the main section quite nicely though! and your black metal vocals sound pretty spot-on!

repeats for a while, classic requirement for atmospheric i guess?

section from 4:50 on adds some needed movement to the track. i would have liked for this one in particular to not be repeated as much, it seemed like a climax of sorts.

sweet, i like the next part. very very reminiscent of Emperor, those first two chords (Black Wizards?), hahah. that was a great outro nonetheless.

i like this more than the darkspace album i tried to listen to.

if you could check this out:
thanks very much!
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