As the title says, how good do you think it is?
Is it worth buying one or making your own (my dad is an electronics guy)?
I will only have 2 pedals when they arrive, so i could get a power tank thing for my birthday in a few months with a few pedals, but all i need to power is an OD and an EQ. All separate power supplies is too much, so i just want it all to come from one.
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Get a Visual Sound "One Spot". They'er inexpensive and do a nice job.
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if you dad is an electroinics guy it would be much more economical to make your own since its not to complicated and im sure you have the materials to make a decent one already
although i do prefer to run distortion and od on rechargable batteries cause they tend to hum
a basic daisy chain will be fine, but try avoid filling the daisy chain, if you get anymore pedals, as the voltage drops and changes the sound of the pedal slightly
i use a daisy chain to power 7 pedals and it sounds just like if they were powered by batteries.

its a visual sound one spot.