It feels good to write a NGD thread! And it's even better with a beautiful guitar like this.

Pics to start (cause we all know that's all you came for )

A little strip tease from her .

With the hardcase I bought - for made in china it's pretty nice!

The lovely solid top .

The headstock - at this point I realised that in person the guitar is much lighter in colour.

A better close up of the body.

Pics cont. in next post!


A big upgrade from the Fender CD-60 I previously had. It's a J28SDL - (the J stands for Jumbo :P) - it set me back £290 cause I managed to price match and talk my way down from £345 ...

It has a really good full sound to it and it also pulls arpeggios off very well, it's versatile and sounds good when covering a rock/heavy rock song acoustically. I thought that this would be one of those guitars i'd lose my love for but it's holding well so far . I always GASed for a natural guitar and now I've got it I can't believe it, it's just how i knew it would be and the thing that firstly attracted me to this guitar was it's beauty. It is a definate contender in it's price range and I'm really glad I found it.

For those who are interested in washburns I would definately reccomend them - but I would mention that you can get a better sound with less bells and whilstles (I enjoy having a beautiful guitar as I am a bedroom player and only need to impress myself really). With the guitar I got a 4-year warranty - which I doubt I will ever need, but it is very reassuring.

Overall this guitar is a definate 9/10, the only way it could achieve a 10/10 is if it was free .



Now the sexyness begins!

Dat ass!

Artistic shot

Thanks for viewing .



awesomeness, Washburn are so underrated.
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and NGD means?...................

i hope your not trolling it means new guitar day.
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i hope your not trolling it means new guitar day.

in not trolling

thanks for the definition dude
Holy crap! HNGD! Thats one sexy guitar!
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If your not careful, I might just rob that Washburn from you . It's beautiful <3
Very nice! I would love that with a cutaway. Very good looking!
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Those Cumberlands are pretty sweet guitars. Congrats!

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