My goal is the sweep the cleanest sweeps this side of planet earth. Yes I know practice will take more than most people have at their jobs... no need to remind me

I have two things I'm doing

1) I've tried playing with my palm AND hand being mainly perpendicular to the strings, which allows me to somehow mute a bit better with my palm, and it makes the plectrum nice and flat, allowing for better picking.

2) Trying different picks:

My dillemma:
- This big green pick with this shape

Note I do not have that pick, but I have one like its shape
It's GREAT for rhytmn and big strings like 7 string guitars have.

- I use a Jazz III pick like this

My problem is, with the big green one my sweeps are much harder to do, but it feels like I can do techniques much cleaner with them
My Jazz III pick allows me to fly at a faster speed with them and do economy picking better, but it REALLY sucks for rhythm.

Switching between them two is not feasible for performances, as I do both lead and rhythm.

So, BEFORE you say "Do what feels comfortable", they both feel comfortable, but both have some downsides.
WHICH IS IDEAL for sweep picking in your opinion if you HAD to choose, or can both be equally as good? If you're going to say both can work, what are some drawbacks? Don't just give some stupid one liner with 6 words... lets actually have a decent conversation going
I personaly would go for the Jazz iii. It just takes a little while to get used to them when doing rhythms: especialy if you're using big strings like on a 7 string.

I'm at the same point as you at the moment: it feels like using an X-H dunlop gel pick, everything is cleaner. But I keep going back to the jazz III because it just fits better in my hand.
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Is your green one a tortex one? If so, I personally find them great for sweeping. Jazz III picks are quite nice, but I find tortex picks better for the grip and feel.
go with a roundish but still pointy pick those always help for me
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Jazz III all the way...

why exactly does it suck for rhythm?
is it the shape or the thickness?
you sure this just isn't something in your head that makes you believe one is better than the other?
Do what feels most comfortable for both rhythm and lead.

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Maybe try the Jazz I, has a rounder tip so makes for a better inbetweener!

the jazz I tip is so round you have barely any attack unless you truly dig the pick in.. itll glide over the strings but if you want any real strong sweep its not the pick, atleast not for me.

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Guns n' Roses won't work. Slash never sweeps anything , it looks cooler tho.

(really, whatever sounds better for you, use your ears).
I prefer the larger ones you described over the Jazz IIIs. The larger ones give you enough depth to have a strong pick attack, and if you want to sweep smoothly, just angle the pick so that it glides over the strings.
I use the Jazz III and have absolutely no problems with either rhythm or leads with the pick. Don't blame the pick, it's you who has to practise with the pick.
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I use Jazz IIIs, and I feel I get much better articulation than with any other pick. I only wish that the Jazz IIIs were just a bit thicker.

X-H dunlop gel pick?

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Jazz III are my favorite picks for everything. They do take a little while to get used to but I didnt have any problems since I always held my picks as close to the tip as possible. I fin they feel alot smoother for sweeping than a standard pick since they dont move around as much between your finger tips
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good played will sweep good with every pick...

If you can sweep pick it shouldn't make a difference what pick are you using. I'd focus on technique rather than thickness of the pick.
You can sweep pick with any size pick. The main issue is getting one that feels comfortable to you personally. You can read reviews and see what people think is the "best", but what is the best to them may not feel comfortable to you.

Once you find a pick size that feels good, practice sweeping slow so you can get used to how it feels against the strings.
It really depends what feels right for you. If you'd like an all around pick, that isn't too small, check out the Jazz 3 XL series. They're sized really nicely. They're about as big as a gator grip, but have the thickness and tip of a Jazz 3. They work well for rhtythm and lead, check them out.
Use the Jazz III. Hold it normal when picking and turn it sideways when strumming.