Hello everyone!

Then Tragedy Struck is actually a solo project I formed. I am a fifteen year old guitarist and am very interested in progressive music but also like regular metal/metalcore/hardcore/WhatHaveYou...So Then Tragedy Struck is exactly a mix of those genres!

It incorporates odd time, and other progressive elements along with riffing and complex breakdowns seen in metalcore. This is why I call it the antidote to the fist pump (i'd like to see the jersey shore cast fist pump to my odd time )

Please check out my project, I just finished recording a 5 song EP that will be on iTunes soon!
Check me out!


I'm also on Youtube!
^two videos of my songs are on there!
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A better drum program and some vocals wouldn't hurt, but it's still good. The recording quality is good for a one-man amateur project, the odd-times flow well, and it doesn't sound too much like genericore. You keep it interesting.
Thanks a a lot for the critiques/comments! I really need them to progress as a musician and a composer!