Hey all, I'm sorry to start one of these all to common "I have no clue what to buy please tell me" threads but I want some opinions.

OKAY so I need a new amplifier. Right now Im using a boss multieffects thru a Peavey envoy 110 (I know I know, it sucks) so I want to move up into some big ol amps.

I'm wanting a half stack, I know alot of you will say that I dont need one but I live pretty far away from anyone else and I like to play things loud!

So heres what Im cosidering....
A Mesa halfback 4x12 (they are old but look freaking badass and don't sound to shabby either, from what i've heard)

And as for the head im considering either a block letter 5150, a mesa studio preamp with a strategy 400 power amp, a mesa .50 caliber head, or a Laney VH100r...

The tones I'm looking for range from a good metalcore sound, nasty mids-all-the-way-up crazy amounts of gain wall of distortion, liquid lead tones, and nice cleans (But I could just add some chorus to make most amps sound decent in that respect)

I currently play with a '91 RG550DY with a EMG 81 in the bridge (don't yell at me! Its the only bridge pup I had that is decent!)

So, any suggestions or recomendations that you all have wll be greatly appreciated!!!
All those amps will get the job done.

A relatively new amp on the scene is the Egnater Renegade. I've heard some pretty good things about it, and after a quick demo of it I was pretty pleased. Should be able to get the tones you're looking for. The band Letlive used it on their last album 'Fake History'.
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Uhhh sounds like you know exactly what you want... what's your problem?
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Well i'm not sure which one to get.... I was hoping someone would have experience with any of those and tell about their experience with it or recomend one they think would fit the bill even better.
If I were you I would go with the 5150 II and a Mesa 2x12. The 5150 II has better cleans and 2x12 are cheaper and much more portable.
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If you want a halfstack, go ahead and get a halfstack. Just know it's hell to move.

The 5150 is a phenomenal amp for a great price. The heads have a horrible factory bias, get it redone to get out of crossover distortion.

Ya, halfstacks are a pain to move. I can't even get it to fit in either of my cars. I built my halfstack, and so far have about $140 in it. So just remember how hard they are to move. And, 2x12 can get very loud.
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All those options listed are fantastic. I'm going to go against the grain here and actually reccomend the rackmount pre+power amp setup. The reason being that later on you can easily swap out single components with easy or you can simply add more. If you find another pre you like but you still love the Mesa you can easily just get more rack space and throw it in with an A/B switch.
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Keep in mind those Mesa 2x12s are heavy as balls and can weigh more than a 4x12. Depending on the 4x12, of course.
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