I'm in need of a multi-purpose fuzz/distortion pedal and have heard great things about the EHX Big Muff Pi (and the big muff range in general).
Can anybody recommend this or another pedal?

Thanks in advance guys
I own an EHX Bass Big Muff Pi, and I'd recommend it to anyone. You say you want a multi-purpose pedal though; I wouldn't describe my Big Muff as particularly versatile at all. It's sort of a one sound deal (or variations of the same sound), however that one sound is well suited to many settings. Sort of like a P-bass really.

I've definitely recommend you got the Bass Big Muff Pi if you do go for a Big Muff, because it has an extra bass boost function which I find is massively useful.
Bass Big Muff Pi Great pedal, sounds awesome. Along with the normal mode, it has a bass boost mode and a mode which blends the dry and effected signal, which are obviously very useful for bass as it allows a good fuzz sound without losing low end and dropping out of the mix
Thanks for the response guys; I've been leaning towards the pedal for a while and I'm glad it gets good press here in the forum definately gonna look into getting one.
dont just look into getting one, GET ONE NOW!!!!
seriously i have one as well , and this thing is more versatile then people think, and the prices are coming down now as well.
the bass version of this pedal is actually called the XO big muff pi.
as others have said you can blend your dry signal with that of the fuzz, using your volume as a mixer. this is a great pedal.