Yeah. So. Firstly, I'm kindasortakinda new here. I've only just made an account, anyway. This is my first post here, so I apologise if I screwed something up; I've skimmed through the rules, but am feeling kind of tired at the moment, so may have missed something silly.

And, I'm looking to buy a new guitar. I currently have a Fender Squire, I'm hoping to sell it and get a Cort EVL Z guitar.

I don't honestly know that much about what makes and such make best durable equipment, or anything. But.. I know the names of all the parts, and that's a start, right?

Anyway. When I saw the EVL Z4 in a music store, I fell in love. Seriously, it would take a lot of convincing for me to not buy this guitar (EVL Z series), unless you recommend something else that is better but looks very similar. Because I'm a stubborn idiot like that.

Well, anyway. I play mostly metal songs, but also some rock. I have a Condor GX-20 amp, and a Zoom GFX-3 effects pedal. I switch between Standard tuning and Drop A every now and again., and I've been playing for a few years.

Yeah. So. My question was this- I don't really know that much about guitar makes, and there's a few types available, the Z2, Z4, and Z6. The all appear the same, but respectively increase in price. So, I'd assume that the Z6 is the best, but I really don't know why, or whether the improvement, whatever it is, is worth the increase in money.

So.. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Cort are a guitar manufacturer based in Korea and are most heavily associated with Ibanez as they make guitars for Ibanez. In fact, if you buy a Korean made Ibanez, the chances are that Cort made it for you, which is why there are so many similarities between the two brands. Lots of the necks used on Cort Metal guitars are exactly the same dimensions as the Wizard II necks used on Ibanez guitars so you're talking thin and fast with build quality about the same as mid range Ibanez models. For some reason the Z4 and Z6 guitars don't use these necks, which is surprising.

Looking on their website I don't see a Z2 anymore so perhaps that model is now deleted, which is just as well as it was made of Agathis and that really is a crap wood for a guitar. The Z4 and Z6 both use mahogany, which is much better. However, the differences between a Z4 and a Z6.

Firstly, the Z4 uses a bolt-on neck as opposed to a set-in neck. There are possibly differences in sustain here but for me, the advantage of the set-in neck is slightly better upper fret access. There is a slight difference to the bridge but the only other substantial difference is the pickups. The Z4 uses EMG HZ pickups that are supposed to be the passive version of the active 81, which makes them sound great but in reality they're not and if I was getting that model I'd be looking to upgrade them to something else that was a better passive pickup. The Z6 is using active EMG 81 and 60, which seem to be viewed as THE Metal pickup at the moment but be warned that active pickups aren't for everyone and from time to time you'll need to change the 9v battery that powers them. You'll find that active pickups are very powerful but tend not to be affected by the tonal characteristics of the individual guitar as much as passives and some people complain that they are a little sterile compared to passives. As a general rule of thumb, you'll find that the more powerful the pickup, the more volume and distortion you'll maybe get but you'll sacrifice some richness and quality of tone. Like most other things to do with guitars, it's a compromise. Joe Satriani, for instance, doesn't tend to use high powered pickups because he prefers the tone he gets from PAF style pickups. Ultimately, massively powered pickups won't make anything like as much difference as a good quality amp so don't get too hung up on it.

So, is one worth the extra money over the other? That is an entirely subjective matter and it's your money to spend as you see fit and it's not my normal style of guitar as I prefer a locking trem. However, where I am the Z4 is £387 and the Z6 is £657 and that's quite a bit. If you really want the active pups and the set-in neck I guess it's worth it but if you're OK with a bolt on neck like you find on a Strat (many people prefer them) and you're not desperate to have active EMG pups then I'd say it isn't worth it as that £270 difference will buy some bloody good passive pickups to go in the Z4, have them installed and still leave you with some change. Hell, at the price you could even install Bareknuckle pickups and to my mind they're the best you can get, though I'd be tempted to keep some of it back and put the money towards a better amp as I think you need to look at your amp and effects to improve your tone as well.

Hope all this helps.
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my advice is to play all 3 of them (the z2, z4 and z6) than decide for yourself which one plays the best in your opinion.
you should also take the hardtail and not take the tremolo bridge one.

also try to keep your squier with you, you never know when your taste in music changes for the need of the thing.
good luck in your search
Ah. Massively helpful info right there for a newb such as myself.

Thanks sincerely, I shall go forward and follow this masterful advice that hath been bestown upon me.
I didn't know Cort made some Ibanez guitars. I would like to try a cort guitar, see if I like them.
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More than happy to oblige; let me know what you end up doing as I'm curious.

For the1967mustang, they're well worth a look. There's a good range of guitars there with decent build quality. Personally I don't find their higher end guitars such good value, hence when I changed my Ibanez I went to Jackson but at the cheaper end of the market they're excellent value. One of my students bought a Cort X6 and it's a great Metal guitar for the money.
Gibson Les Paul Studio with Catswhiskers pickups
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