Now, more often then not, my guitar (Ibanez RG120) will cut while playing, I know it isn't the cable or amp, so should I replace the pots and redo wiring, or is it something that i can just clean or adjust?

I can try to get a pic of the control cavity up tonight. I'm also thinking about swapping pups, for GFS pups. I know that an amp will do more, but I mean its like 70 bucks for pups max, so whatever. I play high gain metal mainly, but if it can do good cleans too, thats a big plus. The main thing I don't like about the stock pickups is that the bridge pup lacks that "oomph" that you want for tight metal chugging, and the neck pickup doesn't have a real "creamy" sound for leads. I was thinking about the power rails or crunchy rails. One last thing, should I get copper shielding tape if I'm changing pups?

If it matters, I switch from standard tuning, to open G, open G with a dropped C, or D standard.
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Check the output jack for broken wires. It could be the switch as well. A pot would crackle when you use it but it shouldn't cut out. Spray contact cleaner into the switch and see if it helps if there aren't any broken wires.
The contact surfaces of your output jack could be oxidized, which will require only a simple cleaning. Otherwise, check the jack to see if any wires are loose. Re-solder them if necessary. It shouldn't be a big deal.
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