If you want to change the colour of your guitar to a colour u want let me know and for a price I will make it like new including the repair of any chips and scratches you may have on it. I have over 20 years experience of spraying and own a car bodyshop but have recently branched out into painting other things .

Email or message for details

Painting guitars i believe is a little different from painting cars.
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Painting guitars i believe is a little different from painting cars.

Actually Its pretty much identical. Its just a little more fiddley and theres more chance of runs.
I assure you its brilliant!
Metacaster is right they are the same . Getting runs isnt a problem though as I my method on applying clearcoat is a grip and rip where I apply a dust coat then a heavy wet coat straight after ,a 15 minute tack off then another wet coat.
I've got a guy here in the US who's paints graphic designs and whatnot onto motorcycles. Sooooo comforting to here that my guitar is the first he's ever done..

...and I'm still waiting for a progress report.

OT: If you've never done a guitar before, just make sure your first one isn't a PRS Custom 24 worth $2000. The one I'm having done is worth about $125
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