Hello again fella's and lady fella's

I was in guitar center yesterday looking for a les paul-ish guitar because I need a guitar that doesn't dwarf me when I start playing shows.

I played a Gibson Les Paul studio that was used for $599 and thought it was pretty nice, but then I played this Ibanez and thought it massacred it. Now I was wondering if anyone's had bad experiences with these guitars? If not I'll probably order one in the next couple days.

the art2ex1 has an ugly paintjob(IMO)
look at the art series in general
id get one but i dont like the neck...
i didnt like the way it looked till I saw it in person, then I thought it looked awesome.
Personally, I liked the neck and the generally feel soooo much more than a Gibson
Ibanez guitars are pretty cool, most of them have cool thin necks and that's probably what attracted you to them, but stay away from the Gio series and any Ibanez model that starts with a " G ", take a look at the S or the RG series

I really don't know anything about the ART2EX1, they're not very popular, but I don't think that stops them from being good
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