Computer help required: problem ripping a cd onto windows media player

(inb4 get itunes)
I'm trying to rip the album "Jeff Beck: The Collection" onto windows media player, the album cover tells me it has 16 tracks, yet windows media player tells me it only has 15 and seems to think that it's Beckology disc 3 (I've listened to it and confirmed that all the tracks are tracks from the collection in the correct order, with the exception of track 16 before anyone suggests that it is in fact Beckology). Can anyone tell me how to get my computer to find the 16th track?
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Use itunes, as soon as it sees the CD, it'll ask you if you wanna put the tracks in the itunes library.
iTunes. C'mon man that's easier
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srsly, get itunes

srsly don't

Media Monkey is what you need
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inb4 get itunes


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If you stick with windows mp, right click the album and go to find album info. It should have a search bar so just find the right album and click on it. Once done it should have the correct album and the correct tracks on it
get some other media player that isn't WMP. iTunes, Media Monkey, Winamp, whatever.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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