What are the pros and cons of having a Multi effect pedal (like the Vox Tonelab) as opposed to having individual pedals? Does the multi effect pedal make me sound "digital"? I know this may be a stupid question for some but Im not a tech freak
In my opinion, having individual pedals is easier to use.
The multi FX is cool until something goes wrong with it that takes down the whole unit. With individual pedals a failure of one does not typically result in the failing of all.
But the difference in, lets say a distortion created in an multi fx pedal, to an individual pedal for distortion? Any difference in sound quality?
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Quote by Windex1108
But the difference in, lets say a distortion created in an multi fx pedal, to an individual pedal for distortion? Any difference in sound quality?

yes and no,
because the individual pedal is specially made for, in this case, distortion, it prolly is much better, because it's specially made and developed for it. on the otherhand, some multi fx might have verry decent distortion sounds in it.
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Generally, multi-effects sacrifice tone quality for quantity. I've used a few different models (digitech gnx3, digitech gnx4, boss me-50), and they all have some decent sounds with a bunch of lacking sounds. You'd be much better off investing in a bunch of single effects units.
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The main upside to me for multi-effects is not having a cluttered stage so you can go crazy without switching off distortion accidently haha. Also, i think you lose less tone with mulit-effects as some orders of pedals can really alter your tone. I think if you're going to use any go for the multi-effects- you'll save money, room, it should be easier as long as you don't need a lot of changing sounds mid-song. Personally, i run guitars dry into the amp though- you save money, more space and don't have to bother with effects- you get an actual guitar sound haha
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It depends how much money you have and what kind of sounds you want. Individual pedals are much more customizable, but are more expensive in the long run while multi-effects give you a lot of options for less cash, but you may not enjoy all of its offerings. The differences in quality comes down to how much you want to spend.

Another good option is to combine both. For example, you could have individual stomp boxes up front for dirt and have something like an M9 behind those that you use for delays, reverbs, and modulation.
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For just practicing, I like using multi-effects, because its all there in one. The sound is very digital and it does get pretty annoying sounding, especially the distortions. I think, for the most part, the effects on my RP-355 sound pretty good.
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I find that multi-fx units tend to have too many options I would never use and I prefer individual stomp boxes, anyway.

It depends on the sounds you want. If you are simply looking at overdrive and delay then get a couple of individual pedals that are specifically designed and deliver the sound you want. If you want to run distortions, delays, chorus, flangers, compressors, phasers, pitch shifters and a wah at once then go with the multi-fx units.
individual vs. multi
quality vs. quantity

at least until you get into the really expensive stuff
I prefer individual pedals. Much easier to tweak the settings on the fly.
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I like individual pedals, more personalized and there aren't a ton of sounds I don't need to mess with
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